Shorter Book Reviews

Don’t worry – the title of this page is purposefully ambiguous! It’s also, hopefully, an effective response to one of the least relatable problems I’ve ever encountered as a lover of literature.

I’ve found myself reading a lot of Victorian fiction recently, as it will form a central part of my first year at university and there’s a lot of it! However, because of the length and complexity of these novels, I would barely publish any writing on here if they were the only books I read and reviewed. To combat this, I have taken to reading shorter books, such as novellas and classic books for children, alongside my regular Victorian reading, and publishing correspondingly shorter reviews of them.

I like the challenge of writing shorter reviews – as much as I love my attempting to write a comprehensive overview of my thoughts on a novel (the best examples being my mini-essays on Vanity Fair or Frankenstein), it’s much more challenging for me to sum up my thoughts on a book in under 500 words, as I’ve often attempted to here.